Not Too Flawless as Others Believe

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 13:59 -- D. Carr

With a single point of focus I don't need to see around me

I just need to see in front of me

See the path laid out for me

And see the life I won't lead


The past I have won't control what I do

No matter how hard it tries to

All I see is what it tries to do

But I just go straight for you


And in the end if everything goes right

No one I know will see the light

Not while I'm in the right

State of mind to fix everything tonight


But no matter how much time I put in to staying off the big screen

There's always someone behind the scenes

Trying to pull everyone's strings

Doing their best to make me be seen


I always do what I can to not do what I see as wrong

And while I do this I might not be strong

But someone else will be seen as wrong

And I see it as my duty to help them stay strong


I might not be what the world wants me to be

But I don't need the world to approve of me

Not even the universe can tell me who to be

As long as I do the best I can for my own and me


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