This is Not the Time to Act Humbly


Who I am in all honesty, Is an Individual with vast opportunity. I will let my confidence grow until I speak audibly to the world and this society. Life is no less than an epic odyssey. No, I will not slow my velocity. If I slow down I will fall into the majority. Who I am is not one to slip into obscurity. I preach that we all kindle curiosity, and rise to the occasion with furosity. As challenges are met, I gain viscosity, so that I may not be penetrated so easily. Who I am is a woman with authority. I do not enhance my image chemically because instead I would rather paint my face with equality, which to my complexion is a natural nudity. I am a strong individual with high quality, and if you refuse to see me for my intellectual luminosity, I urge you to check your own mediocrity. #nofilter; I give no apology.                                                                                                                                                                


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