The Not So Ugly Duckling

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 01:33 -- vickyo

Once upon a blue sky,

Behind the floating cloads,

Shone a bright light.

And below that light was a duck, 

Proud and tall,

With a little baby duckling near her side, 

Meek and small.

Now everyone told the duckling that she had big shoes to fill,

That one day her beak would lengthen 

And her wounds would heal.

Her feathers would be be thicker 

And more colorful and new.

That she would finally be pretty like her mother too.


But as time wore on,

And as her appearance stayed the same,

Her resolve grew more strong,

And her spirit was less tame.

Her coat was dull but her smile was bright.

Her wings spread wide

And took her to new heights.

Though all her life,

She felt the pressure to be a swan.

She eventually learned

That she was all she needed all along.


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