Not So Lucky

Thu, 05/11/2017 - 01:22 -- mns6522

My whole life I was told how lucky I am

To be born in this country led by Uncle Sam.

I am lucky that I am not starving or dying

But if I tell you I love it here, I’d be lying.

I was told to keep my head down as a child

A girl trying to speak is considered wild.

I am expected to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut

The boys are always allowed to call me a slut.

I am forced to watch my friends of color walk in fear

Their oppression is grounds for a white man’s cheer.

America praises a man who has proven that he is a bigot

Racism is our biggest problem and he will never fix it.

Straight is the only sexual orientation that America allows

Now, my gay friends have become afraid to speak their vows.

Welcome to America, where education is not guaranteed

Where no money exists because of government greed.

Politicians and voters ignore poverty-stricken schools

Ignorance, preaching that those students will only amount to fools.

When I turn on the television, I see murder and crime

Yet, avid Americans praise our police system every time.

In America, we fight against one another

Remember when we called each other sister and brother?

Unity is a scarcity in our precious land

We’ve forgotten all the success we’d previously planned.

The Statue of Liberty used to be America’s freedom queen

Now, all anyone sees is a fictitious lady in green.

My whole life I was told how lucky I am

To be born in this country led by Uncle Sam.

I see my situation in a much different way

Because in America, everyone must pay.

This poem is about: 
My country


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Hope you keep writing your mind and heart! Please keep sharing! 

Also there is an urgent matter to end modern day slavery today is national anti traficking day. Let us end world slavery, go sign the petition to make congress act. Look up International Justice Mission. 

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