Not So Intelligent



The word “smart” is a curse word.
And like all other curse words it has synonyms.






                                                                          All of them slurs

But why?

The best grades, the best jobs, the most money

All given to the smartest, the brightest, the best –

So why?

Is that a crime?


Straight A’s on tests is nothing but a big red sign that says “I tried.”

Trying is weakness

Caring is weakness

Intelligence is weakness

Since when?

America was not founded on stupidity, yet that’s what we have embraced.

The generation Y, the generation Z

All succumbing to the pressures of being socially cool

And culturally stupid.


We’ve condemned the try-hards, the brainiacs, the nerds, the geeks and the know-it-alls to doubt themselves, to doubt their abilities and to doubt their worth.

From children to teens and teens to the grave,

We are told intelligence is key

And yet, the biggest felony

For it is society that makes that all okay

To settle for the C, to settle for minimum wage, to not push one-self.

That is the norm

That is accepted


Is trying weakness

Is caring weakness

Is intelligence WEAKNESS?

The generation Y, the Generation Z

Suffering underneath stupidity



Is not so intelligent.

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