Not Ready

I've said farewell to many a kind

From Cats to Hamsters, I didn't mind.

Some past their time, to out of their prime, each one committed some sort of crime

Father in wartime, the rain would always chime

It was as if lime had been splashed into our spring time.

I now stand at lunchtime in my lifetime, the news shattering my peacetime

My lunch splattered, my everything started to shout

I had to leave, without a doubt

Forboad and boast, mother would spout

She could never find out

My feelings in the morning are no longer a doubt

Alone I will be, but this I cannot live without.

Even if I desired  to fire this elongated ryme of my current time

The concequences would only build fences that will never mend 

And only I can mount.



This poem is about: 
My community


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