Not Myself Anymore

The Mind

All are different

One of a kind


The way I think is not the same

Academic oriented

My parents are to blame

Always pushing to be the best

Friends are distractions

Don't be like the rest


"You need to excel"

"You need to succeed"

So I took my emotions

Out of my brain

Stored somewhere else

Under lock and chain

More room now for details

Shoved inside my head

Like large metal nails

A part of me is dead


Social skills I lack

My "nerdiness" has sometimes

Put me under attack

They see me as

The quiet girl in the back

Never questioning

What's on my mind

Finding out

Who I am inside


The world I live in

Is what others deem cold

Formulas and Facts

Everything controlled


Expressionless face

It's difficult

Accepting an embrace


Inside I'm screaming

For the one thing I don't know

How to feel love

And let my emotions show.


Saving For A Shallow Grave

There's a time for everything, don't let the world corrupt you and truly ask yourself why you want these things, I'm a nerd too, I adore knowledge, not social, that's who I am, I'm happy, I know what I want, you will too good luck

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