Not My Fairytale Ending

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 23:59 -- Ah71795

Jaded, corrupted, denied, abducted.
The rose tinted glasses finally begin to crack.
Blinded by the tales of damsels in distress.

What, then, is a girl to do if there's no prince charming,
Riding around on a white stallion ready to whisk you away?
Maybe he turns out to be a drunk, the alcohol seething on his breath,
choking the air floating beneath your nose.
He doesn't bring you jewels and hand written poetry...
He brings an icy fist of stone that he uses to engrave his thoughts with onto your face,
The dragon he gallantly slays with a silver sword
Is just his cigarette, with your arms as his ash tray.
But this time, there's no fairy god mother,
no chirping animals to sweep in and save the day. 
The kiss from his lips that should awaken your soul and free you from your eternal sleep
is filled with poison,
And comes from the same lips that threaten to silence you if you speak.
He doesn't cut down the vines that have been slowly creeping around your neck,
ready to squeeze...
He feeds into them, making them stronger and tighter.
That glass slipper he should be delivering to you, on his knees,
his eyes filled love, begging "let me be yours." 
It's just the broken glass bottle of beer he smashed into the wall,
Held over your neck, screaming "love me."

What if the only way to save yourself,
to save this damsel in distress,
was to tell "Prince Charming"
Go fuck off.

Cause I don't need you.
You are not my knight in shining armor,
You are not my prince charming.
You will not bring me down, 
Down into the depths of the dungeons I've been locked in
You will not tell me I need you
Because I know that I need refuge,
Not from the rest of the world,
The world needs refuge from you.
I am a woman, I have beauty and strength
I will not let you take my body, my mind, my heart.
You are not my prince charming.


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