Not Just a Wish

I was born in spring

the season of birth and rebirth

when flowers bloom

and birds start to sing


I have a wish I will always blow out my candles for

my wish is acceptance

my wish is love

the end of this long war


too many people have cried

too many people have cut

too many people have hurt

too many people have died


What is the war?



and way more


I have something

Mama and Daddy passed something on to me

it's what everybody should be

I am accepting


No not my long thick hair

No not my stunning eyes

No not my witty mind

but a certain flare


a flare that will start a fire

but not to burn

not ever to hurt

but to aid a situation that is dire


my flare wont be contained by your stereotypes or rules

my flare will only do one thing

and that is something I will not give up on

winning this war


this will not be a wish

but a mission

and our flares will succeed


but it wont be the flare making the decisions


I will shave my head for the war

not my flare

I will claw out my sparkling emerald orbs for the war

not my flare

I will always put my smart young mind on the line for the war 

not my flare


my flare and many others' will end this

because our flares dont care what anybody thinks is right

our flares





and the only ones who can control them

are ourselves

and this war is dismal to what our flares can end


sure I might be a dreamer

to you

but to me

I am someone who can see into the future


I'll tell you what will happen

no one will cry

no one will cut

no one will hurt

no one will die

becasue my flares and so many others'

will end this war


your choice is







because our flares are not fueled by hate

but by the most powerful things on this planet

love and acceptance





















This poem is about: 
Our world


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