Not just a Drop-Out

He's not just a drop-out who didn't persevere

He's a student who's issues are severe

Father's an alcoholic

Mother's going steric

This makes siblings neurotic

Who has energy for school when home is chaotic


He goes for support to school administration

"We all have problems, you're just lacking motivation. Try your best,

try finding inspiration. I have papers to grade, good luck and I hope you don't fade"

These words throw him away

He's forced to solve his issues his own way


It's after school and wants to avoid home

He feels alone

With a group of people, he feels understood

Now he feels that he belongs in the hood


Tries alcohol and drugs for the first time

His problems disappear and forgets about having to shine

Starts skipping school and teachers call parents to complain

At the dinner table his father drunk, beats him to try to get him straighten


To hell with school to hell my house

Anger cumulates and now he feels aroused

Now he becomes a drop-out


He finds shelter with the elders of the gang

Now he thinks this is his thang

Commits crimes to make ends meet

Sometimes sleeps without a single sheet


He goes face to face with death

Many times he's left without a breath

He hits rock bottom and really needs a friend


Decides to go back to school and begins a recovery program

Now, he's also part of a post-secondary education organization

There, he finds help and support and finds that motivation

He retakes 13 classes to be able to graduate

Now, he feels passionate


Graduates with a great GPA and goes to university

Now, we works with youth similar to him

Now, he's a respectable young man


No, he was never just a drop-out

He had issues and just needed help

How many youth with potential are left out?

How much talent gets lost because of lack of compassion?

How much suicides and gangs form, just for not having comprehension?


Be a friend. Be of support.

There are many youths out there really smart

Sometimes, they just need a piece of your heart

Be that vehicle of transport.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


I hope you enjoy my poem!

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