Not a Hero, Nor a Princess

In dreams filled with glory and pride.

Saving my people like The Great Esther,

I found myself believing.


California, swimsuit bodies apply to all

But I must check another box,

And Raid has become my friend

To help defend my crumbling castle.


The news tells of shootings in places I have not yet seen,

And crowds of people calling me an anchor.

A man calls my parents criminals,

The crowd cheers.


Yet there is no stopping him, them, or anyone,

As I sit on the couch.

Not a noble’s daughter,

Nor superhuman.


I cannot save everyone,

I cannot have it all.

Yet satisfaction comes from one word:



By teaching others how to use their voice,

I become the scientist,

Creating heroes.


I may not live in a palace,

with people there to wait on me,

But I will live in peace with the knowledge,

That that life was never meant for me.


I am not Esther,

Yet I am me.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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