Not With Haste

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 17:46 -- BecKa

Remember the time when nothing went wrong ?

You went through the day like a endless song ?

Now you're confused and you can't find your way

Why does it always have to result in this ?

So young and unsure, your troubled little mind

Who do you want to be ? Will you ever lie ?

Do you want to protect this country and all that it stands for ?

Or will you stay silent and let the dogs come through our doors.

Will you act when you see something that isn't right ?

Or will you simply walk on by without a word even though the person's eyes are begging for help

Will you join in the trend of what everyone else does and says and has ?

Or will you be unique to yourself "To each his own" and create your own destiny ?

Will you love with urgency and never think of what you're doing ?

Or will you love not with haste, slow it down and think things threw ?

The decision of course ... lies within you.

Not with haste ... you only have this one precious life ... don't wait for it - live it.

Not with haste - slow down and enjoy the simple things .... because one day they won't be there

Run, scream, dance, fufill your dreams ... be free. Be who you are, heal old scars, let sadness be far away

And do not ever let your prescence go to waste ...


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