Not Goodbye


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If death was a hole in the ground, the end of things to come.
If death sent you nowhere, only chose to take you from
If I thought that death was the end of things, nothing left to do
Then I would have died with you.

But I know you’re out there somewhere, a new place for you to stay
Death is not forever gone, it’s just you’ve moved away
Death is not always fair, for you’re the one it took.
It may be the end of the story, but there’s a second book.

How cruel to be an atheist, thinking nothing more than dirt
Awaits you at your passing; I couldn’t escape that hurt.
But I know that there’s a God and He’s showing you His glory
But I’ll see you in chapter two; there’s a sequel to this story.

Yes, I know you’re up in Heaven and in Heaven shall we meet
In just one short lifetime when my days here are complete.
I’ll sprout my angel’s wings and you can teach me how to fly.
For now you may be out of bounds but this was not goodbye.

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