Not A Fan


Not A Fan

By: Riley Zopp

Existing only in the stands

Artificial, incompetent, an imitation

I want to be used to help our Nation

I do not want to just be a Fan.


Like a game of Simeon Says

Impersonating; this is the way to win

Like keeping your palpable self tucked away, deep within

That is just the way that society is!


Many miss out on a personal relationship with Him

I wish everyone would just realize that this is such a precious gift

It makes life so much easier, as going up a mountain with the help of a ski lift

Go against society; go out on a whim!


Do not vex about other’s presumptions; do not be bland

This is my prayer for each and every one of you

Not just you, but me, too

We do not want to just be a Fan.


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