Not Everyone Wakes Up The Same Way

I woke up startled by my dream

Lately I've been waking up filled with anxiety again

I dont like going back to this

Hearing the birds chirp

Seeing the light but somehow not being able to grasp it

Grasp the idea that I have to get out of my bed and let everyone know im alive

Because in this moment I dont want to be here

I want to be asleep

But then I remember you lovingly telling me that youre proud of me

Proud of such things that people around me dont see

Proud of the fact that I manage to get out of bed everyday

You text me "good morning"

Seeing your name pop up on my phone screen gives me a rush of motivation

So I take a deep breath

And I say not everyone greets their day like in the movies

I inhale and exhale once again and whisper quietly "one day at a time"

And roll out of bed to do what im supposed to


- M.S



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