Not Enough


I love summer days, because of the sun’s shinning rays.

The sun shines ever so hot, even hotter than a boiling melting pot.

When it is so hot and I want to get cool.

I can go to my grandma’s house for a dip in her pool.

The kids are out of school and little did I know, every day I would hear the TV play “Let it Go.”

Vacation trips can go far and wide, but my mom’s wallet doesn’t have a wild side.

A stay at home campout just might do, even family reunions with cookout and s’mores too.

The kids can have hours to play with their toys, while I can sit back and eat myself an Almond Joy.

I have time to write funny stories, about kids who grow to be real movie stars, then may be publish them and make lot of money to buy me a really nice car.

I can make plans with friends to go the state fair, and discover that yellow minions like to sing about underwear.

Summer break is a great time to go to the park, but I still like to study and keep myself smart.

Taking summer college courses might make me a nerd, but a good education gets good jobs is what I herd.

After those classes I can get back to having fun, like going for a joy ride under the sun.

There is a lot to do, but not enough summer time, I don’t even know if I can finish this rhyme.

Summer is about over and it just might make me cry, I don’t want to but sometimes we have to tell the season goodbye.


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