Not Enough


United States
40° 29' 20.7708" N, 104° 54' 55.8864" W

Take a deep breath,
You know it’s not enough,
Listen to those voices
All in your head.
Tell them to stop
Before they stop you.
Take a step forward,
You know it’s not enough,
Ignore the looks they give
And just look straight ahead.
We have so much more than what
Our steps are leaving behind in this spoiled soil.
Take the road away from here.
You know this will never be enough,
Keep pushing forward
No one cares about the pain.
Scream as loud as you will,
No one will ever hear a thing.
Take this life far, far away,
You know this is the only thing that could ever be enough,
Hold your head up high
Take another step,
Another step to the edge
It’s something you’ve never seen before.
Take a deep breath,
You’re still not enough.


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