Not Done

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 21:43 -- northrb


Standing there as my throated constricted

Every word he said left me a little more jilted

So much to say but no one who wanted to hear

So much to hope for 'cause there was so much to fear

The words couldn’t escape but my sanity surely did

When I felt fear swallow everything I had to give

Then before I know it, incoherence replaces all that was left

My once poignant thoughts come to a mundane death

A death that is tragic but swept away like cinders on a floor

Like the end of young child who always dreamed for more

I wish I had remembered what I wanted to say that day

Not for me, but for someone else hoping to fly away

Because I needed someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy

But they never did and that’s something no one can undo

So maybe they need the same things I needed too

Maybe I can understand the way he feels today

When he’s told he’s been dreaming his life away

For if I can be myself despite the way they think

And say with certainty that I’m not crazy

Maybe he can feel our hearts beat to same drum

Just like me, he will know he is not done 


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