Not to be Trusted


United States

It is so hard to breathe 

I am heaving through my lungs 

but the air does not want to travel through my body 

it is fighting me with each inhale 

and releasing too quickly in the exhale 

I can never get enough air 


Yet, I see this , this is something new 

something to help me breathe better 

Something to get me through this cold weather 

I inhale, oh goodness, I could breathe again

the sweet air filling my nose 


But alas , this only works for a small while 

and my smile goes away when I feel

one of my nostrils is clogged 

while the other is free. 

What is this blasphemy ??!!!?!?

I really hate it when I get sick

and now I know I can't trust Vicks 

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