Not To Be Seen...But To be Heard #TobeHeard

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 23:06 -- Legend5

To be heard by many and to be head by the world

Growing up where if your not heard your a nobody

Flashing and Dashing watching the world past you by 

Doing all things to be seen as the world flashes past your eyes

For years i have strive to be seen Honor Roll to All City Football and big dreams

But i have seem to fall by the waist side of the naked eye

Seen by those who like me, Seen by those who hate me

But at the end of the day i go past there eyes

Is it because I am daring

Is it because dreamful

Is it because dying for greatness

Is it because I am different

I think its because I am me

There is no one like you young man

Remember there is no one like you

My parents don't understand

Why don't y'all understand 

I want to be great and i sacrifice

I come home late because i strive to be great

My teachers don't understand I'm in the front of the class room but it seems like the back

My coaches don't understand 

The top athlete on my team but because i work hard and i am dedicated my team calls me wack

No Parties No Games No Nothing 

Just Hard Work and Dedication

You know what that is me!

And i am proud of it 

To be seen is no issue ..I want to be Heard

From the town of new York to my town in Detroit 

I want to be heard 



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