Not Anymore

Even though some may think, "how could this be a happy thing?" I think it's something, that happened for the better of me. Three and a half years of hurting me, but I can't BELIEVE I played along, and let him make a fool of me. Believing all of these lies, ONLY to be deceiving me. Giving him all of these tries, ALWAYS to be receiving me.

But finally, this was the last straw. I heard something that I THOUGHT, had to be wrong. Informing me with this information, I could FEEL the inflation, rising inside of me.

It's like the society didn't matter. My tears burstin out; there goes more matter. Falling down swiftly like clouds filled with precipitation. What a clown filled with this imagination, thinking he could have fun, and splash in this puddle of tears; of MY tears. Thinking he would never have to FEAR, of the truth coming out. But guess what? There was a leak from the spout.

Here comes the confrontation, but he didn't want an invitation. To scared to face the truth. Didn't want to get his photo taken by my memory's photobooth. Over technology he was able to lie without an apology. Turning things around and making ME believe, that I- was the one to blame. That I- brought this on myself. That I- brought all this pain.

And that was it. Now it's done. And I believed, haha, how dumb. His manipulating ways got inside, so I cried and I cried thinking, "why?" "Why did I do this?" Until I felt this euphoric feeling inside. A euphoric feeling in my mind and my soul. Helping me out of this hole, that I fell so deep in. 

Now I can say that I'm finally free. And like the thirteenth amendment, I am no longer a slave to thee! I developed as a person, learning rights from wrong. And now I stand above you taller than the tallest buildings in Hong Kong, put together. I am only growing, and this is only another obstacle where I have to keep going. I will become a leader for Me, Myself, and I. And all of the others who decide to let things pass by. 

So thank you, for your treatment. No- I will not need chocolate for a treatment, for your mistreatment your mistreating a treaty that won't be banned, Stare Decisis, I'll let the decision stand! And now I walk through life, as I raise up my hand.


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