Not Anti-Cop Just Pro Freedom

There's a people cryin out to the Lord today

Cause too many injustices done come our way

A people oppressed you think would have nothing to say

But we can't be fearful with our heads hung in shame

We walk miles voices chanting to the angels in vein

Cause our messages aren't received past the gates

Yet the oppressed can embody some of the loudest voices to speak

And we walk out to the woods and make camp by the creek

With campfires tellin stories of better times and easier days

Back when things were affordable and kids could play

Without fear of gettin shot by the boys wearin blue

Totin a badge and a gun but the hat aint concealin much of a clue

Cause the police don't give a damn about minority kids

That's why none of them get charged or even acquitted

Suspended with pay just a paid vacation

How the hell can you say you believe in racial relations

Community debates and, the power of the law

You claim it's to throw the wrong kinds of people behind bars

But more people in jail because of their pigment not cause of the crime

And you claim no accountability on the police side

Because the police ride through the minority hood

And they shoot kids and say fuck the law and the morally good

Because on a utility belt you got a radio

Pepper spray, baton and tools at your disposal

But you'd rather pull a Glock cause you can't handle one kid

You never even contemplated him livin or bringin him in

Then riots happen down in Ferguson and you ask yourself why

People start breakin into buildings and there's fire in the skies

Now it ain't right for people to trash shit cause their mad but riddle me this

Are they gonna talk about rights when you deny them what really is?

Take away our speech and we scream in your face

Send out leaflets, online packets, and protests until we're red in the face

Not blue because it's a color that can't be trusted

Take away our guns and we may have to bust some

4th amendment says no unverified search and seizure

Unless you got a judge to sign off on those papers

Break into my crib and I shoot you like it's anyone else

Officer you serve us but you're a plague on societal health

How many cops there gonna be when we stop payin your paychecks

The last line just dropped if you want anymore imma give u raincheck

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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