In, Not of

Our words are like weapons and we're at war,

longing to hear the trumpet roar.

It's ways rage against us, we can't ignore,

but will tolerate the things of this world.

We will not embrace the things of this world.

Not because we are better,

(We've all fallen short)

But because we are thirsty,

(The things of this world)

cannot satisfy our hunger or thirst.


The things of this world will fade with time,

You're stocking up things that will pass you by

The things of this world will fade,

Your life is a dream you'll wake up from some day


Has this world been so kind that you should leave with regret?

There are better things ahead, I assure you of this.

This life's just a prologue, let's live for the rest.

Watch fear disappear while we give it our best.



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