Norvasq Proof

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 20:25 -- Aerial


Norvasq Proof

Seismographic activity 200/100
That damn crack pipe does it again
Sweat pools along my hairline large beads
Panting like a gay dog with a bone
Don't panic I know 911s phone number
Paramedics couldn't beat this rush
I love the taste and its echo
Like walking through an inner tube
That fucking poodle needs to stay out of the way
As I'm pacing this disaster calmer
I'll kick the curly right out of its tail
And cringe at the reverberating yelps
As its scurrys away lop sided
Only the French would breed such a thing
But I do you like their toast and fries
And towers and kisses
Au contraire...
Fries are an American concoction
I'll just stick that in my Pyrex
And hoof and boof
Rock on...



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