Normality is Bullshit

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 14:16 -- Tortue

Let me start off with this statement

I dread speaking in front of crowds

Because my thoughts get caught in between my teeth


The things people change

Tend to be who they are


Your hair

Your clothing

Your voice

Your grades

Your interests

Your point of view

All of these things society has told me

Are not normal and

Can not be accepted


By definition Society is

A group of people who agree that

Sharing laws, traditions, and values is possible

So why are we so unhappy

If we are the people

That hold the very pen

With the capability to compose lifes dictionary


My mother says this is normal

As normal as normality can get

But my mother is stubborn

And refuses to believe anything anyone tells her

So does her opinion weigh anything?


On the other side of the gene pool

He speak with a different tongue

One that does not fit in with society

With his whole life to practice to impossible

He manages to utter perfection

Yet society tells me he lies

Does his opinion weigh the same as my mothers?


Vincent Van Gogh once said

“Normality is a paved road:

Its comfortable to walk

But no flowers grow”


Can you stop and admire the flowers?


I couldn’t care less if you take time out of your day

Its your day

Its your life

Its your choice

Not mine


If normality is reality

Abnormality I prefer

Yet if living free means living alone

Maybe normal is the way to be


I've learned that all you need is another soul

To come together in harmony with yours

Hand in hand wrapped around a blanket of acceptance

But I’m getting use to the cold


Shine your light on my imperfections

Smooth my bumps with ridicule

Fill my cracks with deceiving lies

All your hard will go to waste

Because I am a slab of stone without blueprints

And I am my own sculptor


My mother and father have equipped me with the tools

Making me capable of sculpting myself into

Something beautiful

Something amazing

Something thats never been done


What I will be will be based on

The blueprints I did not know existed

Something I have imaged in the far corners of my mind


My mother has given me open arms

And clean ears

Not just for everyone around me

But also for myself



My father has given me strong legs

Not always for myself

But for everyone around me



I dread to tell you this, but

My arms are starting to close

My ears are no longer clean

My legs have become weak


So society gave me a quick tongue

One that reacts quickly and without consideration

They said “this will help”

All I see this tongue useful for

Is to stutter words of hate


If you keep hitting a tree

No matter how dull your ax is

How ever strong it may seem

Eventually it will fall and another tree will take its place


Every single one of us is a tree

But we also have branches

That holds our ax

With the capabilty to hold others


The ones with broken branches

And unstable roots

Are torn down

But no one notices


Sound travels at around 972 meters per second

Yet light travels even faster

Therfor we will see a tree fall

Before we can hear the screaming


If you allow your roots to grow further into the ground

Then maybe your bark will be thicker

Maybe your leaves will seem brighter

Maybe society will leave you to your self


Let me end with the same statement

I dread speaking in front of crowds

Because my thoughts get caught in between my teeth

So usually I come across as a fool

Who has no idea  

What the words coming out of her mouth

Really mean


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