Boring brown hair

Straight as straight can be.

A nose too big and a face to long,

Acne and scars littering otherwise perfect skin.

Creamy tan, beautiful beneath the flaws.

Stick like skinny without any curves,

No figure to be seen...

No bussoum or bottom.

Boring in this normal body.

Nothing of exceptional beauty,

No waves of blond locks,

Or a tiny nose and round face,

Skin without imperfections, creamy and clear,

The perfect full body,

Complete with hips, butt and boobs,

These things elude me...

I am not jaw-dropping unique.

I lack the features to turn heads.

I am normal as normal can be,

Spaghetti straight brown hair,

Brown eyes, scarred skin,

Skinny and figure less,

These are things you'll see when looking at me

Try as I might these things are hard to disguise...

Hours of curling and styling

Dark outline and light inside for my lips,

Mascara and bright eyeliner to make my eyes pop

A light dusting of concelor to mask any flaws,

The perfect clothes to compensate for a rail thin frame...

These things I do in attempt to fix my boring features

But no matter how hard I try I still see my flaws.

Mask these things as I try but there they are,

Blending me into a crowd of normality

Without any specialty.


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