Normal as a spider

Normalicy is nothing more,

than a flawed illusion,

simply put it is but

society's great dillusion. 


To be considered normal,

is but a shallow lie.

What is normal to the spider,

is chaos to the fly.


The spider thinks nothing of

spinning a sticky web all day. 

The fly, however, sees it with

distraught and obvious dismay.


What is normal for spider

is not for a fly at all.

It's forcing a square block

behave as if it were a ball.


A fly will zoom left and right, 

up and down and loopty-loo,

but he is thought odd by the spider

who would prefer him in a stew.


As you can see, it can't be said

or even remotely suggested

normalicy is a needed thing

unless you wish to be digested.


Like for the spider

and the fly,

normal is nothing

but a lie.


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