A Normal Girl

Thu, 08/11/2016 - 23:13 -- life13n

I’m just a normal girl

Whether it’s from my blood or my actions

You sat next to me not knowing if I would be the right one for you

You cared so much I felt deep hard for your unfaithful trust

I gave in not knowing a clue

Is it me or you?

Have I stayed untrue to myself or did I stay with you to pick up the crust

I’m a fool, a fool who knows the meaning of dignity

I thought I was everything you’ve described

But it was all lies, lies broken piece by piece left for me to put them together, It's not my responsibility

I’m I a toy? I’m I to be played with

Whether I’m a girl of your interest or not

We’re all the same

From black and white to skinny and fat we were taught

To not care

I know who I am and I don’t need to be told that, it is a shame

If you know who I am then you know I’m a normal girl

A normal girl who see’s the world in a positive way

A girl who actually cares for others

I’m jumping from one place to another to see where I belong

But what I don’t see is that I’m here

At a place that is right for me

A place where I’m a normal girl

You can talk about me all you want

Don’t expect me to cry or be depressed

Because I know better than to show weakness from a lier

Your hatred and lies have made me stronger

Next time you want to fool me make sure to have the act on

Because a guy like you is no man to be respected

A man like you is no man to be showed the light

But a girl like me is a normal girl

My hatred for you will never change

Through thick and thin,

you will be known as the man who was no man

Look to your right, look to your left

You see those girls

You think you will have them

But truth to be told

You will never be the one to be known

You will never be the one everyone wants to have

Neither me, nor them

Because I’m a normal girl

Who deserves a man who has the respect to show who he really is

And if you ever try to convince me

I will be a lie to the grave of my life


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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