“I just wanted to be normal”
She said
As she scrapped the words into her paper
Until it bled
Deep blue ink
Onto her fingers
Leaving little blue trails through the forest of her written word
She wrote it over
And over again
Until the words floated off the page
And became the air she breathed
The food she ate
The thoughts she dreamed
Trying to make the words come true
Like a wish upon a star
She wrote a desire upon a paper
Waiting for folklore to break the cycle of the imaginary
And step through the door of her reality
“I’m tired”
She whispered to the rain
As it ran down her window pane
In an attempt to escape the lighting and the thunder
She just wanted to know normalcy
No throbbing or aching
No sobbing or saying
“We don’t know what’s wrong”
Though her insides are having a tug a war
And she was losing
She just wanted to run
Down the street
Down the beach
Down a hill
Without a snapping or cracking
A breaking of her anatomy
So instead she dreams
And she writes
And pages
With the same wish and the same dream
Where pain is distant
And she is well and free
But just as the dream comes flittering
And glistening
And promising an escape
Her organs throw punches
And she goes back to writing…

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