Noose & a Tree

Hang em from a tree
Tie em to a noose
You build our penitentiary's
We build your schools
Miseducation's tool
Knew the difference between
a horse and a mule
A slave kit
How willy lynch thinks
This country feeds on black people
Like a giant blue whale
Diet consist of tiny krill
RIP Emit Till
Thinking farther in the past
Or even harsher
Blood trails even longer
RIP our forefathers
The sea is a grave pit
Exported from the tropics
Plus the topic
Of exposed navels and exposed tits
In all its splended nakedness
Massive curvatures like cursive words
Thin waist & perfect lips
Perfect ass & perfect tits
Exposed Evil thoughts & ravaged hearts
Sired desire
Earth wind & fire
The elements are exposed
Grabbed on & never let go
Enslaved the mind & raped the soul
The craziest thought is the part
Is When they raped our mothers
And made our fathers watch
This world is so so cold
Jesus foretold
I'm send ye like sheep amongst wolves
I came I seen I saw
Do what thou wilt will be the will of the law
Those that know
Donald Trump is the new Jim Crow
Hands up dont shoot !!
Another black son
Dies by a cop's gun
The Devil is like a hungry lion seeking to devour someone

This poem is about: 
My country


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