Oh how I could certainly tell
The wildest of tales
Of attempts tried
And those that failed

Of the screech…
Of the song,
Of the melody thus
What came next
Of ambition and lust

A tingling, a tickle in my ear
To the high note,
To the low…
To the very last

How I crumbled, the memory haunting
How I’m humbled at the sound of nothing
A staunch shock as fear took hold
Then nothing, but the shivering cold

No note, ever to reach me again
Only the colors and how they blend

What I’m left with,
A lingering will
Nothing ever as hard to swallow
My pride, dissolved like a pill

Let this be a lesson to you
Karma is real and it rings true

A noise, left…
A noise, forgot
If only, if only,
But it’s not…


This poem is about: 
Our world


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