Closed eyes embrace noir,
and as light fades
we become one with the superficial.
Subsequently, the noir takes form,
becoming the mischievous-black cat
within our consciousness.

Come and play, it purrs…
come and remain with me
within this pastel field of floral design.
Then drink with me the fantasy that is this.
Before long, the blind eyes open and yield
to noir.

Yet, he within you isn't enough.
Thus, upon realization noir transforms.

He becomes the one
that you desire.
He becomes the heat which melts
deep and slow,
the river which flows
through hard-silent eyes,
and the dream which soothes the forlorn.

Amour is his name.
And within the fairytale that is slumber,
he grants all pleasantries of firsts.
Such pleasantries as a first embrace, kiss, or love,
become yours within slumber.
So, choose for yourself.
Allow noir his fun,
then seek the apparition that is happiness
travel within reality
embracing that happiness you deserve.


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