Living in a cruel city where gun shots are the only sounds,

A place where the feelings of all are not crowned ,

Instead their downed by those around them,

Who fail to the realize the realness of life,


So excuse me for being a person who has to be strong for myself,

Excuse me for being heartless in a world with no heart,

Excuse me for caring about myself more than others,

Excuse me for trying to get a life that can not be bought


A life where I’m happy and that’s all that matters,

A life where I can make it by myself with no ones help,

A life that I built upon my own wealth.


Sorry for being a cold hearted girl who lets no one tear her down,

In my own skin is where I am found,

Sorry for trying to be no one but myself, but looked upon a mean by everyone else.


I didn't mean to reflect as someone with a attitude.

I just wanted to be seen as a person with  gratitude.

I wanted to be a person who isn’t described by the latitude of where she lives.

But by the absolute power of who she is.



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