#nofilter I Am

I am lost and anxious
I wonder what everyone thinks of me
I hear the chatter
I see the smiles
I want to help them to know me
I am kind and anxious

I pretend to be okay with myself
I feel like the world is slowly crashing down
I touch my arm to make sure I'm alive
I worry about the future
I cry that I can't change
I am lost and anxious

I understand life goes on
I say carpe diem
I dream of a life without care and worry
I try to see the silver lining
I hope it happens someday
I am lost and anxious


This poem is about: 


Faith and Ambition

Appreciate yourself for who u are. Your flaws and mistakes create the person who u grow to be whether u learn from them or not. Love yourself and the beauty of u. When u love yourself it doesn't matter what other people think of you because real joy comes from within. Best of luck to you in life :)

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