Peel back valencia

remove the brightness

dim the highlight

extract the sharpness.


Disassemble the frame

rip apart the chrome,

naked in realization


you are alone.


A constellation of cells bonded

to create a pasty surface


on which freckles dance a

flash mob of sun-kissed gold.


Eyes that cling to a pointy nose,

like your parents to each other

after the third glass of wine.


Painted wrists scream

as silence escapes locked lips,


pleading you to release her

from school-yard slurs.


Red marks on failed tests

echo marks on her stomach,

as she studies her body instead of books.


She grabs her skin,

mesmerized by the bars that form;

A prison that has taken her captive.


The onlooker judges without filter.

Society scrutinizes and leaves you bare.


A mother and father weep.

Unobtainable expectations claim another life.

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