Look at me,

What do you see?

A girl, definitely no size three.


Speak to me,

What do you hear?

A christian girl that's got no fear.


Yell at me,

What do I say?

Get over yourself while I go pray.


Stare at me,

What do you notice?

An unperfect face, a little out of focus.


You know what you know about this girl?

What do you know about this girl?

You know what you choose to know,

I show what I choose to show.


If you want to know who I am,

Ask more than what's in this slam,

If you need to see me for me, 

Try living you for me.


The only way for any of us,

Is to throw ourselves under the bus,

Live in someone else's shoes,

Try suffering through their abuse.


If you suffer through my life,

You can see all my strife,

Outside the mindset of a judgemental Hitler,

You will see me with no filter.


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