"Nobody would care?"

You say that no one would care if you were gone
Or that they might even be happier with you gone
But have you realized what would happen if you actually left?

Your mom can't walk by your room anymore because her baby is gone.

Your dad can't sleep, can't eat, and can't think about anything except what he could've done better and regrets all the time he spent yelling at you and wishes he could tell you how proud he really was of you.

Your family can't talk to each other anymore because the puzzle piece, the piece you thought was insignificant, was actually the piece that kept them together.

Your teachers will miss your face in their class. They will go home every night and blame themselves on why they didn't pull you aside or go easier on you.

The students who put you down will feel every word they ever said to you weigh down on them until they can't breathe. They want to tell you how much they're sorry and apologize for how rude they were.

But they can't.

Your friends will see your abandoned locker, your empty chair, and your missing spot at lunch. They won't be able to eat lunch in that spot anymore without feeling depressed or regretful. They break down trying to talk about you and that's all they want to do. You touched their lives without knowing and now,
You're gone.

And then, there's me.

I, upon hearing the words "they're gone" I fall to the ground and cry until I pass out. I will collapse on the ground in utter sorrow, knowing it was my own damn fault. Knowing I could've saved you.
I won't eat. I won't speak. I won't drive anymore because I'll be expecting your face when I look over.
I won't sing anymore. Not in choir, not in theatre, and not to the radio.
Everywhere I go, I'm reminded of the memories we made. Whether it was freezing in the cold winter in a car that had no heat, or the first time we watched a movie together and you held my hand. Now I look at my hand and the spaces where your fingers should be.
We made history that could not be overwritten.
Now, instead of going to bed smiling due to hearing your voice, I lay on the pillow that smells of you and just wish to hear it one more time.
But I can't. Because you're gone.

So don't you dare tell me that no one would care. Don't you dare tell me that everything would be better.
Because when you decided to end your world,
mine went with.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



wow this me hard...this really touched me..

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