Nobody Knows Me Like Me


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Nobody Knows Me Like Me

you think i do because of what you see

but in reality Nobody Knows Me Better Than Me

What do you see beneath my pain

beyond the tears

do i sound insane

looking back at the years

well, ill let you know who the true me is .

someone that is real and been hurt a couple of times

and now been healed and she's back on her grind

because she never forgot how to climb high

and she's reaching farther than the sky.

she is now learning herself  

and learning how much she is worth her wealth .

she is more than her body,

more than her hips or her thighs,

more than human eyes can ever describe

she is more than her body, when will you realize?

so put me down as much as you please

but she will rise and you will to your knees .

 some people say she's being mean but nahh.. she being real

maybe you cant understand that because you are fake,

so love or hate me

she will stay hate-free

but then again , Nobody Really Knows Me Better Than Me .

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