Nobody Cares

Tue, 09/24/2013 - 09:28 -- ChyChy


The Great Depression,

Or the market crashing down

Nobody cares! What?


Adding matrices,

Or microeconomics

We all could care less.


Holden Caulfield? Ugh.

Shakespeare is dead so stop it

And history bores


I want to learn life

Things I'll actually need 'kay?

Like getting a job


Maybe cooking too

Or how to find a good job

Not Herman Melville


Government? Yeah right,

Any math class, I hate it

Science? It's like death.


You expect a smile

And for me to stay awake

Then teach me something fun


When will I use pi?

Or even combinations?

Never, so why learn?


Classic rhetoric

Plato is irrelevant

At least to me. So?


I'd rather read Hughes

And talk about youth struggles

Music theory too


Instead you force me to listen to deconstruction theory,

I'm sick of it. I've been listening to you, now it's your turn to listen to me.


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