No words for Maya Angleou


Yes that is I... a PHENOMENAL WOMAN... why do you ask?

I'm border line sensational and my face? No mask

MEN flock around me like a bird's nicotine. Not possible you say?

Well m'dear, my hair is long, my hips are wide, and these lips don't play

You may say that my CONCEIT is a little old fashion compared to your modern list

But hey! Never mind the hatred, munipulation, and dis-

Respect is a 7 letter word gentleman, use to your advantage

You say I'm unfaithful, uncompromising and hard to manage

Humph! Well I may have change baby but I keep it all in a jar under my bed

So let me take you on a ride, a journey to show u THE LESSON ahead

I am loved, I am strong, I am powerful, and I know where I belong

I have a purpose, I enjoy life, and I know I'm headstrong

You may say 'oh she's been TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL'  and she's a 'saved' woman now

But I do admit as such- a newfound blood. sweat, and tear on my brow

I used to be that girl who followed ever one around

That girl who saw a PASSING TIME as a way to stay bound

In my feelings, in myself, but never again will I fall

WHEN YOU COME it'll be the best showtime of all

After I pick back up, after I make the crooked straight, you'll see the me that I am

I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRDS SING, why a beautiful pearl springs free of that cluttered clam

I've experienced heartache, headache, backache, this ache, that ache and I stand STILL

I RISE from the depths of despair that kept me hostage, those chains I've killed

Everything you see me do, everything I accomplish from here on out

Every label, every right turn, every obstacle overcome, every assurance changed from doubt

I make the calls, I call the shots, I give myself the pleasure by making success the key

All I do for me, by me, beside me, atop me, underneath me, I do so in REMEBERANCE of me


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