No Way Out


He came into my life,

When I was just a little girl.

I was so happy and young,

And then he changed my world.


One night I went to bed,

And he came in to say goodnight.

Except he took so long,

To turn out my bedroom light.


He really hurt me that awful night,

I had no clue what to do.

I thought it must happen,

To every little boy and girl.


Well I lay in bed that night,

Hurting inside and out.

Tears streaming down my face,

I tried so hard not to scream and shout.


I put that horrible night,

To the back of my head.

As I wandered off to school each day,

So nothing would be said.


Some time had passed away,

It happened then again.

Nobody there to know,

It was him and me again.


I sat closely next to him,

Just watching some T.V.

When he pulled me close again,

And again molested me.


I thought it would only happen,

If i did something bad.

But when I found out I was wrong,

I felt so alone and sad.


Six years after the start I got,

The courage to tell someone.

The police got all involved,

I was hated then by some.


Well in the end it was too much,

I gave up at that point.

Everything went back to normal,

I swear I wish I died.


I'd told a few close friends,

It's hard for them, you see.

To put up with a stupid,

Teenager like me.


All I do is cry,

Cause no one understands.

What I feel inside each day,

Please, someone, take my hand.


I cut myself sometimes,

When the pain becomes too much.

I hate him for what he did,

And where he used to touch.


I often think I'll run away,

Or step out in the road.

My future looks so bleak, so dim,

I'm only 20 years old.


So now you see I'm stuck forever,

I just want to scream and shout.

But there is something you should know,

For me, there's no way out.



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