No Tree, No Lover

A tree opens its branches with great notion

It stands in place and never moves

You can leave it and come back and it will still be there

Its branches protect you from the sun when it’s hot

And if you’re lucky it can even give you delicious fruit to enjoy

A tree can be a shield and a friend

One day the three gets sick

The type of sickness that no one can cure

The sickness makes him dull and plain with no love to share

Little by little leaves begin to fall and branches to crack

Little by little everything begins to grey out

And no color is seen

You can no longer sit under the tree and get some shade

You can no longer eat the delicious fruit

You can no longer have that friend to go visit in your lonely times

The tree has become old and winter has come

Your love cannot cure this nightmare

The time has come and the tree has to be cut down

They say to get rid of the old but you more than anyone else knows

The old gives you the most love

A decision is taken and a life is destroyed

Even though a tree is a tree its heart feels and disappointment fills the tree

 The tree would see you as a source of love

A love that cannot be replaced

Again this story could be repeat it with a lover

A lover opens its arms with great love

It stays with you and never leaves

Days will pass and he will still be there loving you

He will protect you from others when in danger

And if you’re lucky he can even sing pretty songs in your ear

A lover can be a companion and a friend

One day your lover gets sick

That type of sickness that anyone can cure except you

The sickness that makes him hate you and every time he sees you

The pain gets worse, and worse, and worse

This continues until the love he had for you slowly disappears

Spades begin to fill his heart and hatred his head

The warm hugs he would give you become cold goodbyes

And the pretty songs fade into notorious raps

The final day comes and anger fills his mind

The only thing he can think of is hate and revenge

On this last day not a single goodbye is said but a silence

A silence of death is heard and the loved is destroyed

A love that cannot be replaced

The tree, the lover, and the love are now gone

You open your arms and not a single warm hug is received

Empty space now fills where that companion stood

Not a single tree, nor a single lover is seen

I feel lonely and temptation fills my mind

No one to share your pain with

No one to share your happiness with

All I need is support

All I need is love

All I need is respect

All I need is me

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