No time to waste with

No time to waste with our heads looking down

Full attention paid to the ground

With all your second-rate thoughts circaling round, round, round.

No time for that.

It's a beautiful day,

Look up towards the sun,

No time to be grey, 

It's time for fun!

Just look you around,

Theres plenty to do.

Take a walk threw the town, 

Sit down, and take a bite into;

The wonderful flavers you'll find in life:

Adventures and love;

Friends, fun, and strife.

Do not fear the downward slope of the path,

For all paths on the mountain lead upward,

It's a beautiful night, look up towards the moon,

Take a soak in her light,

And you may find

The light is inside.

Read further to see what i mean.

And try to see, what before was unseen.

That light is the power of poisitivity. 

It's within everyone; from New York to Bei Jing.

It's the positive force behind every smile,

The power of kindness can go much furhter than a mile.

Open your heart, fill it with glee, 

Take life by the hand, like its destiny.

Do good for the world,

And the world will do good for you

Before you know it, you'll start to see,

That your light is always shining threw.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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