No Such Thing As Same Difference

Im a racist, but not to color, just to the human race. I'd rather be a separatist than a motherfucking segragist, smiling humble while contemplating the unrealistic bliss in fake shit. Take these words down to a tombstone while im working the night shift pressing down, barely throttling, doubt the world can take too much dust. I'd rather die a free soul with a broken heart than that of an multi-cultural aryan, blood and dna the same like the air we breathe in. Why be proud but not okay with the color skin or face you reflect on the a.m. ? And put it down on the ground during the p.m. , police and gangs sliding into chaos like a weekend Instagram dm? I know you see that kid, I know you see him, so why the fuck would you bust out caps and made today his week's end? A weapon cant tell the difference between black and white, but you can. Bullets have no feelings, yet they have no issue to take a life. Why do you care? Especially now? Since that red on your hands seeping into your mind, Tell me what you know about silence being so loud? Remember we're all brothers, hold that to yourself, and carry it proud, even if the womb don't look the same from the outside, search for the heart and soul that's within. Some still can't let go persecution of the skin.


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