No Such Thing


Woke up one day,ready for a change, trying to dream those disney dreams. A bippity boppity boo and my dream would come true, id look like a princess, or maybe even one of those perfect cartoons.

I was12 years of age,40 pounds overweight, gap toothed and noconfidence. Youth now a days exposed to perfection,the idea of a flawless women, but theres no such thing

And Still, I went on this venture.

Over the summer I found the might i needed to make my dreams come true. It wasn't the tears in my eyes, but the sweat off my brow. I had lost 40 pounds in three months, no shortcuts, no tricks. I finally saw a glimpse of hope, a mirage of beauty.

But even now, 5 years and 40 plus pounds later, i still question my beauty, what beauty is to me,what beauty is to everyone else. Some days  i feel like the very illusion of perfection, and others the very deseption of the word flawless.

The truth is that no one is flawless, but instead it is our flaws that make us human. We can't change for sociey but instead change for ourselves.

We cannot know what everyone finds beautiful, theres always someone who says shes too skinny, too big, too buff, too dark, too tall, too short

do what makes you happy, change yourself to become a better person, not a spectrum to society

beacause theres no such thing as being flawless


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