No Subsitute

This is word therapy
A release of emotions on paper to help me cope with the internal conflicts in my mind
With each letter, I inch further away from depression
Step away from self-inflicted wounds
And step into serenity
So I'm sorry, if my poetry is not socially-conscious enough for you
Don't expect a Trayvon Martin poem
Because my heart won't allow me too
I'll tell you how I feel about the issue, but you just have to ask me
Because when it comes to my poetry
This is My Therapy!
My escape from social injustices and painful atrocities
I have to save something for myself
So if you're looking for an anthem, look elsewhere
This notebook is off limits to church sermons and preaches designed to teach
This is self-education for my soul
And I refuse to share my pages and play black-revolutionary overnight.



Poets write poetry, not just for the sake of expressing their own opinions, but to save themselves from whatever pain they may endure, and this poem does an excellent job of explaining how and why that is.

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