No Regretting


United States
33° 43' 26.8752" N, 118° 15' 51.6852" W
Rocky terrain, for miles and miles, throughout our entire journey,
Young animals must fight to become more dominant,
Children must attain more than just happiness,
We must challenge ourselves to be acceptable.
We grow like salmon taking years to mature;
We become brighter,
We become stronger,
We achieve tiny prepubescent goals.
More years pass by;
Like a salmon in the ocean for the first time,
We have ideas molding us,
But mostly, worrying us.
Now, we stress about relationships,
Now, we stress about weight,
Now, we stress over grades,
Now, we stress over looks.
Now, we conclude our journey on the rocky terrain,
Right beside us, the stream from the beginning,
We should have stressed less, next time we will refrain,
Perturbing actions is something we are ridding.
Stop, breathe, we can be lovely and free,
No over thinking or fretting,
Be proud to be who we want to be;
And most of all no regretting. 
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