No one else

When no one noticed me - you did.

When no one saw -me you did.

When no one listened- you did.

When we are together it is my words that create your world.

Poetry has reached the depths of my soul because 

The words that I use make statements

Those statements impact people

And that impact creates CHANGE

Some may think that writing with you is lame

But as the great Mandela said the greatest weapon you could ever have is your pen.

So, I will put my weapon -my pen- against the paper 

And no one else -nothing else- could ever possibly do that for me.

When I write the words inundate me -they inundate my mind.

But, I love it.

I love poetry as the words that inundate me fall like a stone in the river

As they fall they create a ripple effect inside me - inside people.

So, when people ask what does poetry mean to me

It is the way I communicate with people -with myself

When I write there is nothing awkward - I am not awkward

When I write there is no judgement

When I write there is a passion that erupts inside me like a volcano

But, its not hot - its not boiling

Its warm it fills me with a warmth an admoration

That I have found in nothing else

In no one else.

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