NO one can change me, not the way that I think, the way that I act, or the way that am. No one can change that I been brought to this world as a king and will live on my thrown. No one can change that im  doing this all on my own. NO one can change what comes out my mouth as it hits you like a brick wall. No one can change the way you mak me feel no one can change the way that I seal myself so that no one can really know me. So you cant judge me you cant put labels on me cause you do not own me, and no one can change that. I am who I am cause I Want to be not cause you asked or told. I am flawless, I am billiant, and my words hold more power than 1200 watts that static over you like a dark cloud. And no one can change that. I am me, I am me, I am special, and I AM GOING TO BE GREAT! AND YOU CANT CHANG ME!

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