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I find it meaningful that you love my poems. But I'm sick and tired of rhyming and writing. When somebody says Ronique i want the first thought to be strong, intelligent, peaceful. Not just the girl with the poems. More like the girl with the heart. And then I try to sustain when they bring it up again. Where's your poems Ronique. Let me see what your writing Ronique. I used to want to grow up to be a poet. But now I just say low it. And when I say I'm done with the poems. Everybody screams my name. With the harsh words of are you stupid are you dumb write in that book and make sure them words rhyme. They give me such stigma. And it breaks me everytime. And I know there's somebody out there who feels the same way. Who got a fraternal mind. But to you it doesn't matter. As soon as I finish my words will all be forgotten. For this is a no name. For these are the words of the forgotten. Don't make such a big deal when I finish. Cause this will all be forgotten. I'm pretty much waisting my time and yall porobably dont care yall just watching. I am the powerful figure that was present in my ancestors dreams. I am the descentdent of the run away slave with strong feet. Who never gave up who kept pushing to hurry up and travel to the east. And even though he may not of made it because they unleashed the dog the dog with the heart of a beast. He still now watches over me hoping that I grow up to not be waste of time. Hoping that I use his strong feet to Run to escape the the strong beast hearted dog of life that tries to bite me. I am Martin luther king yes I am Malcolm X I am Harriet Tubman I'm rosa parks Mandela with the chest. And I admit I am a poet but with a message to send.

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